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Premier Measurements Website

Premier Measurements

The brief for Premier Measurements was to get them found and to maintain their position on the first page of Google.

Premier Measurements relied heavily on builders and the property market in general, however when the recession hit they needed to act fast. We started work for them before Christmas when they were spending heavily on pay per click campaigns – somewhere in the region of £2K per month.

We redesigned their site for them as it was made up of outdated code/technology and made it easier for clients to find their way around when they get on it. We also put in place a plan of ongoing optimisation work which again included the inbound links on the right websites and now they are starting to reap the rewards from this. They are on Google’s front page for a number of key search terms and they include “noise assessment surveys“, “noise mapping surveys” – which they are top for, “acoustic consultancy” etc. We also reviewed their adwords spend and eliminated the keywords that were not giving any benefit to the sites performance so the visitors they receive now are targeted, are viewing more and spending more time on the website.

Sound Solution Website

The Sound Solution

Premier Measurements then recommended us to The Sound Solution whom have also experienced similar problems. One of the main issues for The Sound Solution was apart from their excessive spend on Google adwords was that their site was too cluttered and this made it confusing for web users and the consequence of that on an e-commerce site was catastrophic – there was no clarity on finding products, sourcing information and buying the goods on offer.

We set out a new design and built a site that was search engine friendly, structured well, balanced and had the right amount of keywords spread throughout the site to generate new business. The Sound Solution also had a number of domain names pointing into the main site and different sites doing most of the same thing, so we also structured these so that they were more search engine friendly.

Adonia Beauty Website

Adonia Beauty

Adonia Beauty traditionally put there marketing into the Yellow Pages and Yell, however they felt that they were not getting the return on their investment but felt that it was one of those things that they had to appear in. However she boldly took the plunge and entrusted Step Online to build their first website for them.

The goal of the site was to be found and for the site to generate new business. We agreed on a 5 page site with them writing around 250 words minimum for each keyword. They came back to us with pages and pages of keyword rich content. By spending the time at the start to write the text their sites success speaks for itself. With no links pointing into the site Adonia is now appearing on Google’s first page and receiving good traffic for search terms such as (please bear in mind they offer beauty therapies), “aromatherapy massage York”, “environ facials”, “manicure York”, “body wax York”, “facials York” etc etc.

The moral of this story is – just because everyone else is advertising in certain publications – doesn’t mean it works or that you too have to be seen in it!

Dodsworth Website

Dodsworth Plant Displays

When Dodsworth first approached us about a website they did so tentatively, as they believed that a website was just something that a business has and it does nothing for the business. It was a good start, their previous web company had designed them a site that was poorly designed, outdated code and there was no emphasis on SEO.

After a very sceptical start, the Dodsworth site now generates new enquiries and new business monthly. They are on Google’s front page for key search terms and receiving great traffic for “reception plants”, “office plant arrangements”, “UK flower rental”, etc etc.