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Search Marketing

What do you really want from your website? It could be more visitors – but why? Is it to sell more products or services? Most businesses want more traffic through to their website, so they can sell more products, but how do they sustain that visibility on Google’s first page?

Search engine optimisation or SEO is an ongoing process, having a website needs constant attention and work in order to really get the full benefit of more visitors and new business. You wouldn’t buy a car and then expect to win a Formula One race, would you? A marathon runner does not just turn up for a race and expect to finish or compete on time without having put the training in first.

The same principal applies to getting a website found and a set menu of SEO does not work across the board, each website is different and therefore requires different attention in order for it to fulfil its goals.

We use our expertise in Search Marketing to build websites and marketing strategies which improve your website’s visibility and performance. If your website isn’t appearing in the top results on search engines such as Google, MSN and Yahoo, then you are losing potential visitors, leads and sales. We improve visibility, increase conversion rates, and help to generate more sales.

We understand that you need to know how your website is performing, and to be confident that it’s in good hands. We don’t just design websites – we develop comprehensive action plans and goals to grow your brand online through link building, search engine optimisation, social media and more.

We have a range of skills and services that we can help you to really determine who is looking at your website and what they think. We can give you a detailed breakdown of which companies are looking at your site, contact details and videos of how they interact with your website.

Contact us today for the chance to discover how we can make your website perform, or browse our service to discover more about what we do.