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Get more visitors to your website through online marketing

When we build a website for our clients they seem to be very happy with the final product. But by website design alone, a well built website will not necessarily get you found on Google’s first page, so the question business owners or makerting consultants need to be asking themselves is, “how to get on to Google’s first page?” This by definition is not an easy question to ask, as the technology involved has changed over the last few years and indeed is changing more frequently than ever!

Imagine your website is in a race to get to that first page of Google, all teams start off as a new website – at this point the race is fairly even, in lane one is the all singing and all dancing website with bells and whistles on, in lane two is the website that has been stuck in a particular position on the search engines and is likely to stay there due to the lack of training or SEO work. Amongst the rest of the pack is a tiny one page website, competing against the state backed, sponsorship laden website that wants for nothing. As they all set off in that race together – who do you think will get to the number one spot? The answer is the one that continues to work at it, just by simply having a website does not automatically mean that you are entitled to that first page – if you stop running (your SEO), work then you then rely upon the results of others to determine where you will end up – a fate that the England football team has relied upon in the past and look where that got us – thanks Steve Mclaren!!

The following is a check list of things to think about when trying to market your website online;

  1. Write a blog about something  that you are passionate about Рaim it at your customers and not as a sales pitch for your business. Think about what would your customers find useful to know about Рthe more interest you get, the more people will see your article, link to it and elevate the importance of it. The end result is that it is aimed at your target market with the possibility of picking up some business from it. One of the best SEO ready blogging tools out there is WordPress and its free.
  1. Get yourself on Twitter, Facebook and all of the other main social media websites. This is a big part of the way the world is doing business and finding out new things – don’t let technology pass you by!
  1. Write articles and get them published – write articles and aim to give something away, either free helpful information or tips on things that are must know or have in your business.
  1. Video blogging – this is looked upon very favourably by Google and Bing etc.
  1. All of the above will set you off to a great start if you do a combination of them and most importantly how frequent that you do them.

I have only given you five tips, but these five tips done well will start to propel your website forward and attract the type of website user your business needs!

My goal for this year is to also write more online articles and blog more, and to put my money where my mouth is. So come back soon!

Working with some of the UK’s leading businesses has helped us determine what works for your online marketing and what doesn’t. If you would like to know more about what we do then you can find us at Web Design and SEO.