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At Step Online we will give you an honest and frank assessment of your website, where the potential problems may be, what works well and what may be hindering your website’s performance on the search engines. This service is completely free and you are under no obligation to take this further - 15% of the sites we check are for other web design companies wanting to make sure there site is truly search engine friendly, so you are in good company to try our free website assessment service.

  • Is your site being found for the right keywords?
  • Are you on the first page of Google?
  • Has your site given you a return on your investment?
  • Have you achieved your goals for the website?
  • Are you tracking your websites performance in terms of visitors, pages viewed, how they found your site etc?
  • Are visitors finding what they need from your site? How do you know?
  • Does your website comply with the latest web standards
  • The UK is one the biggest users of mobile internet in the world - is your website displayed clearly on one?
  • Is your website fully legal - does it comply with the law?
  • Does everything on the site work properly i.e. forms, databases, pages, links etc?

For your free website assessment, call us on 0845 833 7009, email, or visit our contact page.


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